Thursday, March 22, 2012

Abang Abdul Aziz dan Gregory Tan : Penolong/Aktivis masyarakat berkata tidak tepat maka saman tapi jangan cuba bunuh

Get those responsible for assaulting social activist’

Borneo Post March 21, 2012, Wednesday

VICTIM OF ASSAULT: Azlan talks to Abang Abdul Aziz (right) who visited him yesterday.
KUCHING: PBB’s new media unit or Unit Media Baru (UMB) hopes the police get to the bottom of the attack on social activist Azlan Abdullah.
As the attack happened in broad daylight and in a public area, they were concerned about public safety, PBB UMB Deputy Coordinator Abang Abdul Aziz Abang Raup told The Borneo Post.
“Azlan could have died,” said Abdul Abdul Aziz, adding that the activist was a brave man for voicing out his concerns on social injustice and criminal wrongdoings.
“The people accused by Azlan have the right to sue him if what he says is wrong, not do this to him instead.”
He was accompanied by SUPP UMB chief Gregory Tan when visiting Azlan in hospital yesterday.
Abdul Aziz, who is also UMB BN Sarawak secretary, said the visit was to give moral support and see how they could help Azlan.
Azlan, 52, was attacked by several masked men with sharp weapons, resulting in slash wounds to his head, arms and legs in Padungan around 11.30am last Wednesday.
The attack was over in less than a minute and the men fled in a car fitted with false licence plates.
The self-styled activist, who staged a one-man protest along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and other parts of the city, is believed to be behind the distribution of pamphlets alleging wrongdoings of local political, business and community leaders.
Azlan had previously lodged police reports, claiming to have been threatened and assaulted by unknown individuals.
Borneo Post Ends

Selama beberapa bulan 'social activist' Ah Se@Azlan Abdullah telah membongkar maklumat dan bukti bahawa DAP menerima duit daripada gangster-gangster pelacuran, dadah dan judi haram.  Dalam maklumat dan bukti-buktinya Ah Se telah membongkarkan Micheal Teo dan Datuk Seri Lau Wee Kiong sebagai  gangster 'penderma' DAP dan DAP menggunakan gangster-gangster untuk menyusup/menguasai persatuan-persatuan sekolah Cina.  Dari strategi serampang dua mata ini DAP bukan sahaja dapat jutaan wang dari gangster-gangster tetapi juga menghasut dan meracuni persatuan-persatuan sekolah cina untuk melawan kerajaan.

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  1. tahniah Azlan Abdullah kerana berani membongkar.