Monday, July 29, 2013

Utusan Malaysia dikecam kerana menyatakan kebenaran (kaum Cina mengundi 80% lawan kerajaan) namun Sin Chew tidak dikecam membanggakan kaum cina 'kingmaker'

PRU13 Kajian UMCEDEL buktikan `Chinese Tsunami' benar-benar berlaku

Kartun RASIS yang disiarkan oleh Sin Chew tetapi tidak di kritik oleh 
Azran Rani Omar, CEO Air Asia X yang lupa diri. 

Oleh Tun Faisal, Ketua Unit Media Baru UMNO Kebangsaan

DAP dan PR cuba menafikan agenda perkauman dan sentimen keagamaan yang dimainkan selama ini memberi hasil dalam PRU13. Mereka cuba menafikan Chinese Tsunami dengan mengatakan ia adalah Urban Tsunami. 

DAP dan PR mungkin sengaja menyembunyikan fakta bahawa pertama, dalam PRU13, UMNO dan BN juga berjaya memenangi kerusi di kawasan bandar dan kedua, kemenangan akibat undi orang Cina di kawasan bandar bukan perkara baru di negara ini.

Penipuan DAP dan PR ini nampaknya sekali lagi dipatahkan apabila blog Shen Yee Aun mendedahkan bahawa kajian UMcedel membuktikan kenyataan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak benar dan tepat, apabila ia mengesahkan dalam kes Parlimen Temerloh, Tsunami Orang Cina benar-benar berlaku.

Chinese Voters Who Voted Against BN Candidate Later Regretted It

SYA Commentary

1. If only the Chinese earlier listen to me for telling them for the last 2 years that DAP and PR will never capture Putrajaya in GE 13 then they wont regret about voting against BN now.

2. I really hope Malaysian can start to be matured and make a right decision and not regretting it later in the upcoming General Election (GE 14).

3. What is scary about most Malaysian young voters will be they continue to belief all the lies that DAP RED BEAN ARMY Spread in the Cyber World. Everything that is fake can become real and everything that is real can became the otherwise.

4. Let me repeat again that BN is not a perfect or a good political entity but by facts and rational comparison it is still better than Pakatan Rakyat. If BN is Bad then PR is worst ( that my personal stand all this while ).

Former Higher Education Deputy Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah (pic) lost his Temerloh parliamentary candidate due to massive swing from Chinese voters who were persuaded by their children to go for change.

Universiti Malaya Centre of Democracy and Election (UMcedel) director Professor Datuk Dr Mohammad Redzuan Othman said the Chinese thought that Pakatan Rakyat would capture Putrajaya.

“The voters were convinced of the Ubah slogan and that is why they voted for the PAS candidate.

“One of them said we have to follow what our children ask us to do,” he told a news conference to reveal the outcome of a UMcedel focus study in that constituency.

He said the seat was relatively safe for Barisan Nasional (BN) as it also consisted of two Felda settlements and an army camp.

“Saifuddin could not have lost because of his stature,” he added.

However, he said, many regretted not voting for Saifuddin after BN was returned to power. Saifuddin polled 27,197 while PAS candidate Nasaruddin Hassan Tantawi garnered 28,267.He said young voters, some from outstation, returned to cast their ballots for Nasaruddin, who won with a 1,070-vote majority.The opposition also won two of the three state seats in the parliamentary constituency.

A total of 850 respondents were interviewed over three days from May 31 for the study.

Redzuan said Temerloh was selected as it was a multi-racial seat with 64 per cent Malays, Chinese (24 %) Indians ( 9 %) and others ( 3%).

Redzuan said interviews also revealed that public acceptance of Saifuddin, an Umno Supreme Council member, was about 60 per cent and many did not know the PAS candidate.

In an immediate response Saifuddin, who was present at the seminar, said about 7,000 outstation voters returned to cast their ballots and this contributed to his defeat.

“The study is extensive and I accept the finding as it is,”  he told reporters.

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