Thursday, October 13, 2011

New NCR Perimeter Survey Initiative - Adenan Satem

FOR SAFE KEEPING: Adenan (third right) hands over the land documents to Tuai Rumah Achan of Sungai Amang/Melekun, Kapit. From left are Norlina, Daniel, Tunku, Dahim, Sajeli and Wilson.

Let dept know if you want your NCR land surveyed — Adenan

Posted on October 12, 2011, Wednesday
KAPIT: Minister of Special Functions Tan Sri Adenan Satem has advised NCR land owners here to apply to Land and Survey Department if they want their lands to be surveyed under the government’s New NCR Perimeter Survey Initiative.
At the same time, he told them to ensure there must be no disputes over the lands, and put pegs to indicate the boundaries of their lands to facilitate the survey by the department.
“The copy of the gazette and the plan indicating the precise boundary of an NCR communal area that has been surveyed
must be kept properly in the longhouse to prove ownership,” he said at the Open Day of Land and Survey Department at the civic centre here on Tuesday morning.
He reminded the department to pay compensation to claimants within the shortest time possible.
“Don’t delay. Settle the amount that was agreed and don’t interfere in disputes. Let the court decide,” he said.
At the function, Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office gave out gazettes and plans indicating the precise boundary of NCR communal areas that have been surveyed to eight Tuai Rumah from Kapit and Song districts.
He also presented land compensations amounting to RM3,201,193.56 to 42 out of 63 claimants for land acquired by the government for development projects.

Meanwhile, the department’s superintendent in Kapit Norlina Ra’ee disclosed that two NCR areas in Kapit Division had been gazetted as Native Communal Reserve under Section 6 of the Land Code.
The areas are Sungai Amang, Melekun with an estimated size of 120 hectares and Sipan Sesawal/Temalat, Song (528.1 hectares).
She also said the department was in the process of gazetting four additional areas covering some 13,618 hectares in Kapit where survey work had been completed. The areas are Sungai Menuan, Sungai Belawai, Batang Rajang/Balui, Belaga and Nanga Mujong/Pulau Won, Baleh.
In addition, she also revealed that survey works were ongoing in four more areas in Kapit, spanning about 30,103 hectares.
The New NCR Initiative is done in two stages. First, perimeter survey is done to delineate boundaries of NCR land within the state land. The NCR land will be declared Native Communal Reserve under Section 6 of the Land Code.
Secondly, NCR landowners must determine the boundaries of their individual parcel of land with the gazetted communal reserve to enable the department to carry out individual survey for issuance of land title under Section 18 of the State Land Code.
The rights over land gazetted as communal reserve is administered and regulated by the native system of personal law of the native communities concerned. This means that the acquisition, usage, transfer or transition of rights and privileges over land, buildings or any structure thereon shall be governed by the customary law of the natives for whose benefit the NCR is declared.
Present were the department’s state director Sajeli Kipli, political secretaries Daniel Jubang, Wilson Nyabong and Tunku Gerunan, Resident Dahim Nadot, Song and Kapit district officers Galong Luang and Simon Japut Tiok, Kapit information officer Koh Kumbong and heads of government departments.

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