Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Patriot Gamal Abdul Nasser refused American CIA USD 3 million bribe

Facebook owner Zuckerberg mendapat Pingat dan Kehormatan dari CIA

But the honeymoon was over by the mid-1950s, when the Americans refused Nasser’s continued requests for development assistance to Egypt, including weapons, and failed to buy him off with a briefcase of $3 million cash. Rebuffed by Washington, offended by the attempted bribe, and unwilling to enter a British-backed, anti-Soviet regional security pact, Nasser threw his lot in with the Non-Aligned Movement and then secured arms from Moscow through Czechoslovakia. In 1956, he nationalized the Suez Canal, which sparked the joint British-French-Israeli invasion, which was only defused through American pressure. Nasser turned military defeat into political victory and catapulted to postcolonial hero status in the Arab world. (from the scholarly work "America's great game" by hugh wilford) 

Eventually Israeli MOSSAD assasinated Gamal Abdel Nasser by poisoning.  Nasser has been fighting Israel from the beginning.  Upon replacing the poisoned Nasser as President, Anwar Sadat begun to stop fighting Israel and eventually signed a ceasfire treaty.

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